Daria Goffman a multidisciplinary artist works with variants of a positive
‎«‎end of the world» and with metaphors. In her works, she uses both analog and digital instruments. She is engaged in group and individual projects to create various installations, audio-visual installations using XR technologies, digital performances, generative graphics, video mapping, dynamic lighting, and street art.

In 2021, she graduated from the Master's program Digital Art of the Far Eastern Federal University with a thesis on Ethics in Machine-to-Machine Communication.


I am a fan of modern technologies, I am interested in everything related to the concept of artificial intelligence. I develop scenarios for a positive "end of the world" that will allow a human to imagine the options for the development of civilization and to supplement human evolution with a digital component - the evolution of machines. As part of my artistic practice, I also explore how people can be seen by artificial intelligence. In my works, I cover topics such as anonymity, data clouds, and the uncanny valley effect. I use modern gadgets to search for the possibilities of human existence in the digital world, and I also turn natural objects into virtual spaces. Increasingly, I go out and create street objects using digital technology. I like to explore the perception of language through light installations with Cyrillic letters. All of this can be found in my audio-visual installations that I create with XR technology, generative graphics, video mapping, dynamic lighting, and street art.

Russian - native speaker
English - upper intermediate
Czech - A2
TouchDesigner, VVVV, Resolume, PureData, SparkAR, Houdini, Rhino, Photoshop, PremierPro, Adobe After Effects, Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve 
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Vladivostok, Russia
School of Digital Economics
–Da. Master Digital Arts
Digital Arts
Kyiv Academy of Media Arts (КАМА), Kyiv, Ukraine
Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art (EACA), Ekaterinburg, Russia
Creative industries
Bachelor of Arts and Humanities
College of Management and Service (Style), Ekaterinburg, Russia