You Can't Hang Everyone
The work "You Can't Hang Everyone" reproduces a desperate cry in support of Russian political prisoners.
The colors chosen for the work refer to the colors of the Soviet flag, and the format of the carpet hung on the wall to insulate the living space is reminiscent of memories of post-Soviet childhood. The post-Soviet childhood spent near the carpet hung in the room tastes like any of the proverbs and sayings instilled in us by repeated repetition in cinema and life.
The installation, filled with references to the Soviet past, tries to gather in the head an image of the "abnormality" of the present, created out of nostalgic love for the past and a thirst for gigantism and imaginary grandeur.
The work was first presented in the Baghshivart gallery on March 9, 2023

Tools: Colorful yarn, textile
Year: 2023
Format: The installation