«Polypodiophyte» - from Latin fern, division fern-like, or polypodiophytes.

The era of technology allows us to fully function from home and we are increasingly moving away from nature. Memories of what actually living plants become more like a dream than real memory.

The Polypodiophyte Project presents the fern as a collection of data that can be read in different orders. He broadcasts this plant in its physical form and complements its history with the properties of a fern, which he can only possess in the format of a myth. Thus, turning the life cycle of a fern into a dream or a fiction.

The video of the project tells the story of the life cycle of a mythical fern, and an interactive installation using a tablet allows you to touch its leaves in real-time. With the help of the TouchOSC program, the viewer can set the direction of movement of the fern bushes, thereby turning them into gusts of wind.
Tools: VVVV, TouchOSC
Year: 2020
Format: Interactive installation and video