At home the walls are helping (Everything is easier at home)
The work «‎At home the walls are helping» is a metaphor for the deceitfulness of the cultural code sewn into a person who grew up in the territory of the former USSR. Ethnographers and folklorists try to connect proverbs and sayings with the national character. Psychologists find certain features of human thinking in the process of creating a proverb. Proverbs definitely reflect the passage of time, but if we turn to the current situation through phrases familiar from childhood, will they be close to our time? In a time in which many did not have a home, both physically and mentally, the houses did not have walls, and sometimes, instead of helping from the explosion, the walls of the houses take people's lives. 2022 without a home, without walls, without help.

The work «‎At home the walls are helping» was made on the streets of Yerevan, which at this difficult time for someone who has become an assistant from the walls, the people, and the streets. For someone temporary, for someone a new home.
Tools: Floor lamp, directional light, streets, night
Year: 2022
Format: Installation, street object, video documentation