The Pact of Digital Naturalness
«The Pact of Digital Naturalness» is a conceptual project by Marina Muzyka, Daria Goffman, Loïc Grobéty, and Boris Shershenkov, exploring the term «digital naturalness».

The project is based on the Black Ecologies concept, which aims to analyze «a new nature» as a framework of the environment as a whole.
«Digital naturalness» exploring space as a data collection that is capable of constructing a sensory experience, and raises the question «What is natural and what is artificial in the digital environment?».

In the virtual world, the familiar environment, which we usually refer to as «nature», is the product of artificial processes of space re-creation, modification, and perception. The rules of interaction with this space are formed at the same moment when the data forms a set of categories of existence for space itself.
Agreeing with these changing rules, the virtual scene of «The Pact of Digital Naturalness» grows out of sounds and becomes a narrative about the experience of perceiving the scenes we are already familiar with. In a digital-natural environment, abstract electronic noises and synthesized sounds of the multichannel audio piece turn into «plant» and «animal» voices of the digital world's natural soundscape. The interconnections between audial and visual create an allusion to the coexistence of various lifeforms and inorganic environments in natural ecosystems.

The virtual room was created for Boris Shershenkov's SEAL × 2 projects based on the photogrammetry of the Pavlovsky Park objects. Pavlovsky Park is a landscaped park located in the city of Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg.

Tools: Photogrammetry, Mozilla Hubs

Year: 2021
Format:The interdisciplinary multimedia project