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How are programmable robots different from state machines? The robot is blind in its perception of the world, it does not see the consequences of its actions, all the information it receives is a program code. The robot also does not make decisions on its own, but only executes commands received from artificial intelligence.

The state machine, following punitive laws, carries the idea of ​​blind justice that does not spare anyone in its path. The more the situation in society becomes tense, the more the system tries to rein in the dissent. Can we teach artificial intelligence not only to keep acting with this consistency but also to build up the intensity and «force» other non-human agents to act as they see fit? Is the robot responsible for its actions if it does not see what they lead to?

In this work, Artificial Intelligence (neural network) monitors the reaction in social networks to the latest changes in legislation and the aggravation of the political situation in Russia and programs a task for the KUKA robot. The robot, in turn, prepares a dish, the softness of which becomes a reflection of the «readiness» of the population.

Tools: Kuka robot, AI, parsing, baton, meat

Year: 2021
Format: Installation, video documentation