Neuralnews is a project trying to understand how a neural network is able to see events from real human life.

The work uses a neural network trained on classical images and photographs of the real world, systematized, separated and cataloged by a person. She tries to compare different concepts and classifications, and then she tries to bring an image from several concepts to a single whole, thanks to which we can look at our own reality through the prism of the “vision” of the neural network.

In this project, the artist tries to present the “fantasy” of artificial intelligence and its perception of human reality. And also to answer the question: can we endow artificial intelligence with a soul, based on its ability to apply a paraphrase.
How a neural network sees a news feed
Tools: Newsfeed, Neural network The Big Sleep: BigGANxCLIP
Year: 2021 - ∞
Format: Neural network images