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The project was created in the framework of the Hydra laboratory in collaboration with an information systems specialist Altyn Mustafina.
The Oikos project is a conceptual project that discusses the topic of future technologies as a regulator of relations between human and non-human agents, man and nature, and actually man and technology. Based on the theories of xenofemenism and deep ecology, the Oikos project considers the question “On what principles will the technologies and eco-technologies of the future be based? The project examines concepts such as digital empathy and the technology of nature emancipation.

The Oikos project is a philosophy for a future where technology can regulate human and natural rights with the aim of symbiotic harmonious coexistence and biodiversity conservation, as well as conserving resources for the continuation of all forms of life on the planet.

As elements of this philosophy at this stage of the work, some elements were considered: how the pollution of nature is now seen by the neural network, how it sees the relationship between man and nature. And also the elements of interaction between nature and being in architecture and elements of the energy supply system were developed.
Images of houses

The images are generated by neural network generation and interpolation of human faces and architectural fantasies about the houses of the future.

Relationship between man and nature

Images created by the neural network Text2Image based on the words Human, Human and Nature, and Nature.

Sound row 1 is an expression of the values of the population of the planet from 2000 to 2020.

Sound Row 2 is an expression of the values of the area of the world forest from 2000 to 2020.


Images created by the neural network Text2Image based on the words pollution of air, water, flora, and fauna.

The sound row represents the distribution of the values of the radiation background of the city of St. Petersburg by districts.

Scheme of operation of one of the elements of the power supply system:

700W 24/7 / 7.595 MWh of energy

Year: 2021
Format: Concept, philosophy, neural networks, technology experiment