Sanatorium 100
The "Sanatorium 100" project is dedicated to the town of Tskaltubo, once a famous resort in the Soviet Union, now a place where the past collides with the present.

In the 1950s, Tskaltubo was an important spa resort in the Soviet Union. It was a grand project featuring majestic sanatoriums, public baths, the Scientific Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy, and residential buildings around a large resort park. The town attracted around 125,000 visitors annually from across the Soviet Union, offering unique radon waters to treat various ailments.

After the Soviet Union's collapse and subsequent regional conflicts, Tskaltubo underwent drastic changes. Starting in 1993, it became home to thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees from Abkhazia, forced to leave due to the Russian invasion. Instead of tourists, the ruins of the once-grand spa centers became shelters for those who lost their homes, compelled to rebuild their lives amidst the remnants of former luxury.

Instead of trying to restore the old, grass-covered hotels and sanatoriums, the "Sanatorium 100" project suggests focusing on the town's present and future. "Sanatorium 100" symbolizes a new approach to the town's revival, emphasizing creating something new and vibrant rather than restoring decayed buildings.

Using existing resources—broken branches, cut grass, and leaves—the project highlights the importance of focusing on the town, with its new history and development plans. The work seeks to convey this contrast by exploring not only the abandoned buildings and infrastructure but also the current living conditions of the people. It involves residents in the performance, raising questions about how society deals with the legacy of the past and its impact on the present and future.

Tskaltubo is a town where the past and present intertwine in a complex and dramatic mosaic, reminding us that even in ruins, life and hope can be found, and a new sanatorium can be built from what already exists.

“Sanatorium 100” was made at the Urban Camp 2024 (May, 29. — June, 3)

Art residence in Tskaltubo is part of the 'WARning the City/zens' project by Cisrberlin which aims to provide urban issues and challenges that cities face today due to war.
Tools: Flowers, cut branches, thread
Year: 2024
Format: Performance, land art