Sometimes "never" - forever
In 2017, I left Russia for my first experience living abroad. Although I lived in Vladivostok from 2019 to 2021 while pursuing my master's degree, my home until 2022 was in Kyiv. Since 2022, I have spent almost two years in Armenia, and now I am in Georgia. What comes next, I don't know.

Yet, every time I entertain the thought of seeing Russia again - whether visiting, returning, or even repatriating - this phrase keeps popping up: Sometimes "never" - forever. (Inogda Nikogda Navsegda). Sometimes, of course, "forever" is a temporary phenomenon, but sometimes...

I've been carrying this little idea within me for several months now. For now, let it be just an image, but ideally, I would like to create a print.

Special thanks to Sonya Shelepova

Sometimes never forever
22.04.2024 Tbilisi
Tools: Neural networks, photoshop
Year: 2024
Format: image